Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Xmas parties!!

Since it's the season to be jolly and there are lots of parties going on can i remind people don't say things you will regret. I was recently at a party (can't say where or when) and i had had quite alot of alcoholic beverages as you do, when i decided to tell somebody who is quite important they they looked like a certain celebrity off the T.V, this said person looked mortified at the fact and rather embarrased at what i had said. If you think something after a few drinks don't say it you could find yourself in a lot of trouble, i'm hoping that this person doesn't remember and that they were just as drunk as i was. The celebrity who they look like isn't hideous or anything but the person was not impressed.

Remind yourself before leaving to go to a party keep your mouth shut, and your opinions to yourself thus saving embarrasment HA!!

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