Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sunday, 18 April 2010

People's huge ego's

I have recently come to understand that some of the people in my life whether work colleagues or friends have absolutely huge egos. They brag and make themselves sound fabulous when really i think that they are insecure about themselves.
If you are a major star or somebody really important, then fair enough but when your the run of the mill average person, then NO, do they not realise when in the company of others how stupid they sound? What ever happened to been quietly confident? People don't like show offs, and the majority of the time you won't be respected as a result of thinking your fabulous. People will look at you and think 'oh fuck how the hell did they get that huge head of theirs through the door' and they only make fools out of themselves.
Best of it is they look down their nose at people like you and i, and presume because we are not loud and garish then it must mean that we have no confidence, NO we have confidence we just don't go around thinking that we are the next best thing to sliced bread.
It's not just one particular person in my life that is like this, there is a couple, over confidence is cocky and rather embarrassing when in the company of rather important people, to be quietly confident is much better than bigging yourself up to make yourself sound better, when really the people that you are showing off too won't be impressed, and won't want to be in your company again.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Volunteering with ONE

I'm volunteering with ONE campaign at the moment and I'm having lots of fun. ONE asked me if i would like to host a presentation with the Global Poverty Project, obviously i said yes. After briefly scanning the information that they had sent me i thought crikey i can't do this, but after looking through things closely i realised that this was not as bad as i originally thought.

In trying to find a location for my event which has been pretty hard work, i came up with the idea that i would host an event in one of my local schools/colleges, the only trouble is they are closed for the Easter break, and so i am left waiting for the schools to re-open which is a little frustrating. But in about a weeks time i should hear more.

I'm also arranging a husting in my local area with local councillors and their constituency's. One of my work colleagues Kate is helping me arrange this as we need young people who know quite a bit about Politics. We are arranging for the young people to ask the local councillors specific questions around poverty as the elections that are coming up, so this should be fun to watch what the politician's have to say for themselves on the questions asked.

I'm really happy that ONE has asked me to volunteer with them again after i volunteered with them last year at the U2 shows, where i signed up lots of new members, and had an absolutely amazing time, i also met some people who i have remained friends with. My new friends and i came up with idea of the TWO campaign, the campaign to eradicate poverty, ha ha, this is a joke about the ONE campaign and apparently a long standing joke with the guys from ONE.

I have also been invited to the ONE vote launch in London which I'm very excited to be involved in, and i can't wait to learn more from the guys at ONE!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Xmas parties!!

Since it's the season to be jolly and there are lots of parties going on can i remind people don't say things you will regret. I was recently at a party (can't say where or when) and i had had quite alot of alcoholic beverages as you do, when i decided to tell somebody who is quite important they they looked like a certain celebrity off the T.V, this said person looked mortified at the fact and rather embarrased at what i had said. If you think something after a few drinks don't say it you could find yourself in a lot of trouble, i'm hoping that this person doesn't remember and that they were just as drunk as i was. The celebrity who they look like isn't hideous or anything but the person was not impressed.

Remind yourself before leaving to go to a party keep your mouth shut, and your opinions to yourself thus saving embarrasment HA!!