Friday, 6 November 2009

Why do we hate so much

I have often wondered why we are a nation of haters, we complain about everything and anything, do we get a kick out of it? I think that we enjoy moaning it makes us feel better although the person listening to the moaning, probably doesn't get the same feeling as the complainer. We stand in line waiting to be served at the food store when someone jumps in front of us, do we say anything, no , we go home and moan to our other half's about it.

We moan about TV, men, friends, but do we do anything, no, there must be some sort of chemical imbalance in us all that makes us this way. I have tried hard not to do it but i can't help myself, it's like bitching about someone we know that it is wrong but we have to do it.

If the world had no bitching it would be a nice place to live, I'm gonna try not to do it,(unless necessary) and hopefully i will become a better person for it.


  1. It does rather depend on how it's done, criticism is a good thing, change does not happen otherwise. However it must be looking to make change and the examples you describe do not they merely serve to allow the person who has trangressed to continue whilst spreading anger and woe to all and sundry who would not otherwise have had to deal with it.

    It may come from the fact that there is very much the idea that one person cannot make a difference, so people mope alone rather than seek to alter the world they live in.

  2. I totally agree, some people like to moan cause they have nothing better to do in their meaningless little lives. I do try not to moan and get really annoyed with people for whinging about the silliest little thing (especially at work).